Seven Things About Pain Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

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If you are someone that experiences chronic pain, you know that it is sometimes hard to describe how you feel. Learn the things your doctor won’t tell you and how you can better manage your symptoms.

Your Back Pain Could Leave On Its Own
Your back pain may have gone away on its own without any medication or therapy. Approximately 90 percent of low-back pain subsides within 12 weeks without medical intervention.

If you have Chronic pain, Experiment With Dietary Changes
Eliminate dairy for a few weeks, then reintroduce it and see how you feel. Do the same with wheat, red meat, shellfish, citrus, peanuts, caffeine, and alcohol, one at a time. If your pain gets worse when you add back a food, it may be contributing to your problem.

Getting Meds To Reduce The Pain
The best doctors will talk to you about the cause of your pain, whether it’s your lack of activity, your stress level, a condition like arthritis, your mattress, or any other thing that may be causing you pain.

Heat or ice?
Make use of an ice pack for acute injuries, to minimize blood flow and reduce swelling and pain. On the other hand, use heat to loosen muscles and stiff joints and help you feel more mobile.

Your Back and Neck (and often shoulder) Pain Likely Have Little or Nothing to do with Your Abnormal MRI
Studies show that if you perform an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) on any 100 people, you’ll find an abnormality in about 90 percent of them, even if they’re not experiencing any pain.

So, an abnormal MRI result may not indicate that something bug is wrong.

Reconsider Before Asking For a Prescription
The latest research shows that taking opioid pain drugs such as Vicodin and OxyContin for chronic pain can change the brain, damaging its ability to feel pleasure and leading to a craving for more drugs.

A few studies other found that long-term use can actually lead to increased back or neck pain.

In mild pain? Play word games or another favourite Challenging Puzzle
When you distract your brain, you don’t hurt as much. Word games and challenging puzzles are ways to distract your brain. Another activity that helps is watching a funny TV shows.



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