Sadio Mane Has Realized He Is A World Class Player – Jurgen Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp has said that while he never doubted Sadio Mane’s class, the player’s game has stepped up since he realised the level of his game.

Sadio Mane has scored 40 goals in 89 games since joining Liverpool from Southampton, but he hasn’t always been consistent

“He is an outstanding player, I never had any other opinion,” said Klopp.

“He needed more confidence when he came in, the start was really good but I think he was a bit surprised by himself.

“Everything was good until the first time his shape dropped a little bit and then he struggled a bit with that, because he needed to get used to [the fact] that he is a world-class player.

“Now, he knows that much better. That helps us. He is a really good player.

“Since he came in he helped the team so much, he improved so much. He is an outstanding offensive player. If you ask me if he is a striker, yes, from time to time. Is he a midfielder? Yes, from time to time.

“He can probably play a slightly deeper position as well – we don’t have to play him there because we have other players there – but he could play it as well.

“He is physically strong, technically strong, he is unbelievably quick, he is quick in mind as well, and he is a good shooter with both feet. That makes a good player and he is a fantastic person



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