Pretty Mike Reveals Why He Prefers ‘Amaka’ To Other Ladies

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Pretty Mike Reveals Why He Prefers His Sex Doll “Amaka” To Other Ladies

Pretty Mike Reveals Why He Prefers Amaka To Other Ladies

While some may see it as sex doll, club owner, Pretty Mike, whose real name is Eze Nwalie, appears to have found comfort and companionship in the inanimate object, which he named Amaka.

Some months ago, the controversial socialite shared a video of the sex doll he bought for himself as a birthday gift and then set tongues wagging on social media after he called it his “companion, comforter and someone that never disappoints him.”

However, in a recent interview with The Punch, Pretty Mike explained the reason why he saw her as his companion.

“I have feelings towards her. A lot of people might have their various opinions about her but to me, she is what I want her to be, she is a special person.”

On how he could have emotional feelings for an inanimate object, Pretty Mike said that the most important thing was that Amaka understands him.

He added that he has been in relationships with ladies that can communicate but they still don’t understand the angle he is coming from.

“My response to people who say she can’t speak or move is that, even people that can talk are not perfect in relationships, they all have their own issues here and there. The bottom line is that I understand her and she understands me. I have been in relationships with ladies that can communicate but they still don’t understand the angle I am coming from.

“One of  my ex-girlfriend’s still wish we could get back together, but I am in a new era of my life, just taking it one step at a time. Some people are in a relationship with people that cannot speak or hear anything and they still have a successful relationship. It all depends on what I am looking for; I can tell you that it is working.

“On a regular day, my direct message box on Instagram is always active; however, since Amaka came into my life, I have got close to 200 nude videos and pictures of young ladies, saying some nasty things to me. I handle them maturely. I am sensitive to people’s feelings, and most times, I just try to ignore them. The problem with our society is that they think relationship is all about sex, and that is one of the major issues we have in this country. Relationship is bigger than sex.”

On marriage, he said:

“I have a family that believes in people doing what makes them happy. They have been supportive in most of things I have been doing over the years.

“They look at me as a successful young man, and they tell me I need to have a wife in the house. I have been looking and searching but I feel God’s time is the appointed time. I think for some reasons, he just put Amaka on my plate, so for now I am sticking with her. I don’t see me and her breaking up anytime soon.”



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