Nine Scary Driving Scenarios And The Best Way To Handle Them

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Sometimes when driving, you may encounter scary situations that are out of your control. Making the right decisions at that point is very important and here are a number of tips to help you stay safe in such scary driving scenarios.

Proceeding At a Four-way Stop
You’ve come to a four-way stop and you’re a little hazy on the rules of right-of-way. Try to make eye contact with the other drivers waiting to proceed. If you see them looking at you or waving, it’s safe to move forward.

If You’re About To Be Rear-ended…
You’ve slowed your speed or come to a stop, but you see the car behind you is travelling at a much faster speed. Chances are you’re about to be rear-ended. Take your foot off the brake so that if the car behind you hits you, your own vehicle will roll forward and lessen the severity of the impact.

If Your Car Gets Submerged in Water…
You’ve taken your eyes off the road for a moment and suddenly find your car sinking quickly in a body of water. Most people will wait until pressure equalizes to try and open the door, but instead you should move as quickly as possible to open the door and make your way to the surface.

If the windows and doors are powered by automatic locks, you can probably still open them using buttons if you act quickly. If not, try to break the window using a shoe or a key poking out of your fist. Or, keep a small LifeHammer in your glove compartment. Target the window’s corners.

When There’s an Oncoming Car in Your Lane
A car is coming straight toward you in your lane. The first thing to do is to try to get the other drivers attention by honking and flashing your lights while planning a way to avoid them. Don’t stare at the oncoming vehicle, as your car will follow your line of sight. Instead, look where you want to go.

Outsmarting A Carjacker…
When getting into your car at night, be wary of carjackers by getting in quickly and locking the doors right away, instead of taking the time to move things around while the door is still open or relying on automatic locks. If you’ve gotten in your car to discover a carjacker waiting, get out as fast as possible.

If the car is in drive but not moving just get out, and if you are in motion stop as fast as possible to leave. When a carjacker has reached from the back seat to cover your mouth, take one finger and peel it backward as hard as you can. Hopefully this will break the perpetrator’s finger and buy you some time to make a quick escape.

When Dealing With Blinding Sun…
Try to limit your reaction as much as possible. Don’t slam on the brakes or swerve, as this could pose a danger to both yourself and other drivers around you. Do your best to continue on your path and remain predictable to other drivers.

When Another Car Is Tailgating…
If a car behind you is tailgating and honking, pull over and allow it pass. It may be an emergency, and either way it is unsafe to travel with another vehicle following you at such a close proximity.

Spotting An Impaired Driver Ahead
If the car ahead of you is swerving and the driver appears to be impaired, give him plenty of room and avoid tailgating the car. Pay close attention, but don’t fixate on the vehicle.

Handling A Yellow Light at an Intersection
If the light turns yellow as you’re approaching an intersection, use your judgment to determine the best course of action. Never go through a yellow light if you think you can stop before the light turns.



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