Nigerians React As South Africa Increases Minimum Wage To N126,480 Per Month

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Nigerians Stunned As South Africa Increases Minimum wage

As Nigeria continues to struggle with N30,000 minimum wage, its counterpart, South Africa has concluded plans to increase the monthly payment of her workers to N126,480.

While Nigerians are seeking for higher wages through the representing unions and the government wailing that the coffers are empty hence seeing the increase in wages as financially grounding the nation, the government of South Africa has announced an increase in the minimum wage to N126, 480.

The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa said the wage, which would come into effect January 1, 2019, would benefit about six million workers that currently earn R3,700 (N97,495).

Nigerian Guardian reports that one South African Rand exchanges for N26.35. This means South African workers would be earning N527 per hour: N4,216 per day and N126,480 per month. Their Nigerian counterparts currently earn N75 per hour, which is N600 per day (at eight working hours per day) and N18,000 per month.

The development has left Nigerians stunned as they bemoaned the state of the nation and when it will all end.

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  1. Well I agree this is a shame on Nigeria and Nigerians but I don’t think the comparison is a Heathly one for the following reasons-
    1. SA was under a strict discriminatory rwgime for decades that pressured the citizens to fight for freedom by putting their lives on the death rope for decades until they won their Independence. Nigeria Never fought for anything called Independence, no body died for the Independence in Nigeria to materialise. It was too cheap hence no value on it.
    2. Though the white regime was very crude and oppressive to the original indigenous SA people, the first President of SA did just one tenure and left the stage, thanks to the whites mentality that was still fresh in their minds. No Nigerian leadership has ever quit politics or position of authority without be pushed out or died in power.
    3. The allegations of corruption of the former President on $20,000 sparked wild protest throughout the country showed their zero tolerance for corruption. That cash is for biscuits for the Nigerian leaders kids and all this will be to the administration of Nigerians.
    I can go on but the bottom line is that the average SA people are too high for the average Nigerians that want to eat their cake and also have it. Our leaders are the products of the society. That means the leadership of the Nigerian people are what we deserve.

  2. And Buhari will just be looking like statue.
    This Buhari led administration is a big time failure…
    Common 30k dey strike before dey even grre..
    This Nigeria don tire me, I need to relocate to my village

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