Five Things You Should Stop Bragging About

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It is part of human nature to want to brag and seem better off than we actually are but there are a number of things you may want to think twice before bragging about.

Ostentatious Autos
Clichés exist because, invariably, they’re nothing more than silly ways of reciting simple truths—which is why bragging about your fine car is a little less appealing.

That You Finished A Particular Book
Unless you’re in a book club, your reading material is immaterial to anyone but you.

Whether it’s the latest Harlequin novel you wined (and whined) about with your respective girlfriends, the latest ghostwritten book, a fantasy novel, tome you traded amongst your boys, or that 10,000 word New Yorker article on competitive composting that you’re so proud you finished, just do every one a favour and keep the recommendations brief and/or nonexistent to yourself.

Reading may be fundamental but constantly hearing about WHAT your reading is no one’s idea of fun.

Your Job
Unless the employment description includes working at an arena/stadium/ball field, or saving lives, bragging about how interested you are in your job is of little or no interest to people.

Just as job fairs are nowhere near as fun as actual fairs, hearing about your awesome place of work is as enjoyable as a mundane workday.

Your Favourite Football Team
You’re allowed precisely one day to gloat about a spectacular come-from-behind win and get a pass of up to a week if that happened in a championship game and you live in the town of said sports team.

Anything asides that will be taking it too far. No one cares how your football team fared on a random Thursday night of football.

Your Vices
There was a time where your exceptional booze consumption would be shocking and amazing to your peers. That time ended the minute you started paying bills and have loads of responsibilities. Now it’s either annoying or concerning.



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