Did You Know The Colour Of Your Car Could Determine If You’d Be Involved In An Accident?

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Believe it or not, when next you are in the market for a car, you may want to consider keeping the colour you choose as top priority as certain colours could be the difference between getting in an accident and safety.

Buying a new car actually requires a lot of thought, like what the interior and exterior features are, how the engine runs, and the safety technology your car comes with. As such, it appears the most enjoyable part of the process of purchasing your car is deciding what colour you’d like your new vehicle to be.

As it turns out, the car colours you choose may be a factor in your chances of getting into an accident. According to experts, silver is the most popular car colour when it comes to buyers choice, with white as a close second. According to past research done by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, of the two car colours, however, white exceeds silver in its safety ratings.

In accordance with the study, white cars are 12 percent less likely to get into an accident than black cars are, irrespective of the time of day the car is being driven.

Furthermore, cars that come in Cream, yellow, and beige colours also cars ranked closely behind white coloured cars respectively when it comes to safety ratings.

Asides the colour black, the most dangerous car colours are grey which has 11 percent higher risk, and silver with 10 percent higher risk. Furthermore, blue coloured cars have a 7 percent higher risk, and red cars also come with a 7 percent higher risk.

With this research, it shows that certain colours may make you prone to accidents but I research needs to be done for to the reason why. Ultimately, if you’re looking to invest in the safest of all car colours, the colour to choose is white!



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