67-Year-Old Wins $343.9 Million Powerball Prize In New York

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A 67-year-old man, Robert Bailey has claimed his $343.9 million prize from a Powerball ticket, making him the winner of the biggest jackpot in New York Lottery history, according to the New York State Gaming Commission.

On Wednesday in a news release, Bailey said he received the winning numbers of 8, 12, 13, 19 and 27, over 25 years ago. “A family member gave me the numbers over twenty-five years ago and I faithfully played them,”

Bailey chose to take his portion of the prize in a single payment of $198,086,518 and after withholdings, he will receive $125,396,690, according to New York’s Gaming Commission.

“I’m gonna get a house, especially for my mother. God bless her, she’s still around,” he said. “I definitely want to travel a little bit and hopefully I make some good investments that will work for me and my family.”


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