Thinking Of Owning A Pet? Here Is Why You Should Get A Dog

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If you are thinking of having a pet, there are a number of reasons why a dog should be your pet of choice but one sits on top of them all. Having a dog around the house can give you more than just a boost in happiness.

If you are keen about exercise and fitness, but just can’t bring yourself to get to the gym? The good news for you is that getting a dog can actually help you with your weight loss plan, too!

Here’s the scoop on why it’s so great to be a dog owner. Asides the unconditional love our four-legged friends can provide, they can do much more than cheer you up. When push comes to shove, they also get us up and moving.

According to a new study published in the journal BMC Public Health, dog owners walk 22 minutes more per day than people who don’t own a dog. And if you don’t know it, all that walking totally counts as exercise.

The UK study recruited men and women in their 60s and older who were dog owners and non-dog owners, and then tracked their activity for speed and distance. Even the researchers were surprised by the results.

Not only did the researchers see an increase in exercise, but also the exercise was at a moderate pace. The dog owners kept up an average pace of three miles per hour while walking, which is a level of moderate intensity.

A lot of studies have shown that walking—like running—can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among other things. And the American Heart Association says more walking equals more health benefits.

In other words, dog owners are adding up some major perks from their extra cardio and if you are considering Owning a pet, you can too. Now that your dog is your favourite person ever, continue with your exercises to be in top shape.



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