Six Things You Do That Are Bad For Your Teeth

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If you are chewing on your pencil or pen as you read this, you may want to stop immediately as doing so can give you teeth problems. Here are six other things that are bad for your teeth.

Chewing Pencils And Pens
It’s a nervous habit that you need to skip for the sake of your oral health. Chewing pencils can cause stress fractures to your teeth.

You can instead squeeze a stress ball during times of stress or munch on a healthy snack like almonds to keep you occupied.

Using Your Teeth To Rip Things Open
It’s tempting to use your teeth to nibble your nails, rip price tags off clothing, or open a bag of chips, but you’re putting your teeth at risk. You may even chip your teeth doing this. Use nail clippers and scissors for all of these tasks instead.

Chewing On Ice
There are a number of habits that dentists wish you’d change when it comes to taking care of your teeth. This includes chewing ice, as it can chip away at fragile tooth enamel.

Furthermore, it can also crack teeth that is already weakened from restoration work. Instead of chomping on ice cubes, ask for crushed ice if this is a habit you just can’t quit. Also know that a cracked tooth may lead to a exposed tooth nerve that might even lead to a root canal.

Putting Your Teeth Through Hot And Cold Food
There’s something about pairing a hot pie with a cold drink, be it a soft drink or a beer. It seems like a great idea but that can also set your teeth up for trouble as the hot temperature expands your tooth enamel and the cold temp contracts it.

Eating hot and then cold foods won’t damage teeth per se but many people will notice exaggerated sensitivity with such combination.

Keep in mind that a shooting or sharp pain while eating or drinking is a sign of a much greater problem such as a cracked tooth or advanced decay. You may want to blow on your hot food to cool it down first and taking your cold drink alongside.

Taking Certain Drinks
Certain drinks have the tendency to are stick to your teeth and erode enamel and this list includes sports drinks, sodas and wine. As a matter of fact, wine tasters are known to have incredibly eroded teeth because of the high levels of acidity in wine.

The solution to this could lie in you pairing your wine with cheese to minimize the damage caused by wine’s acid.

Going All White
Over bleaching and over whitening using over-the-counter kits can end up damaging your dentition. It can lead to enamel loss and therefore prompt permanent tooth sensitivity.

To avoid this, always test the product first and then, if it doesn’t cause sensitivity, follow the directions exactly as written. You can skip the product altogether if you’re unsure and consider using natural whiteners such as cauliflower and strawberries.



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