Six Signs You Are Probably Suffering From Smartphone Addiction

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Smartphone addiction is a real problem that is affecting a lot of people, especially millennials but not very many people know the signs to look out for. However, the first step is admitting you have a problem and paying attention to the following six signs.

You Always Have Your Charger With You
Don’t blame a poor battery for your phone’s short life. If it’s already drained halfway through the day, there is a high chance that you are suffering from smartphone addiction. Leave the screen black so it doesn’t have to work so hard to keep up with your demands.

You’re Always Checking For Notifications
No, you didn’t feel your phone vibrate, but you still double check to make sure you didn’t miss a message in the ten minutes since you last looked. Sorry, but that’s just wishful thinking and a great sign that you’re addicted.

Checking The Time And Forgetting Almost Immediately
Almost everyone has experienced this at one time or the other. You open your screen to check what time it is, then forget as soon as it goes dark again, and have to look once more. You have become so accustomed to glancing at your phone that it becomes a habit, rather than an actual way to gain information.

Your Smartphone Offers You Security
It could be that you are waiting for a meeting to start but instead of chatting with your coworkers, you stare intently at your phone, going through those unimportant emails you had purposely ignored before.

It is important to stop turning to your smartphone during awkward situations, and boost your confidence by forcing yourself to engage in conversations with people around you. Those face-to-face interactions will be way more satisfying than scrolling through Twitter.

You Are Always With Your Smartphone
While you wouldn’t be so rude as to start texting when you’re out for dinner, but you just can’t help but leave your phone in your pocket or on the table (it’s on silent, though!) where you can see it.

Separation anxiety could be a major sign you should take a break from your relationship with your phone to avoid the problems associated with addiction.

You Lose Track Of Time
You’d pulled up your phone to look up one quick thing, and suddenly you’ve wasted half an hour scrolling deep into your Twitter feed. This is one critical sign of smartphone addiction and you can control this by setting a timer to limit screen time if you find yourself staying distracted easily. Turning off notifications can also help.



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