Six Body Language Moves You Should Adopt For A Richer Life

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Your body language plays a huge role in how rich and success you are. Success depends on more than just a shiny resume; as the way you carry yourself can help make you live a more successful and richer life.

Make eye contact
Strong eye contact is key to appearing friendly and confident. Looking someone in the eyes is too intimidating, and instead of this, you can look at the total face for one second.

Eyes for one second. Nose for one second. Mouth for one second. Obviously, you will also want to avoid looking around the room or checking your phone.

Point your feet at whoever you’re talking to
Show the person you’re speaking to that they have your full attention by pointing your toes toward them. Doing this means you’re connecting with that person. Furthermore, you should lean toward the person slightly to show you’re engaged.

Adopt The Right Mindset
One of the easiest ways to ensure friendly body language is to go into a room with friendly intentions. Before meeting someone, imagine that you really like the person.

The minute you start the meeting, try to find reasons why you sincerely like him or her. This leads to a friendly gaze, makes you smile more and gives you a relaxed body posture. When you make someone feel special, they’re more likely to go the extra mile for you in the future.

Maintain A Good Posture
The foundation of good body language is great posture. Straighten your spine, relax your shoulders, and keep your chin parallel to the floor. You should also learn to keep your arms in a position that doesn’t close off your chest.

We tend to cover our chest when we feel anxious or threatened so when it is open, you are seen as more open and honest.

Flash a Smile
We all know that smiling gives off positive vibes and shows people you’re open to conversation. However, not just any smile will do.

As a matter of fact, a disingenuous one could wind up backfiring. Honest emotions show up on both sides of the face. So make sure if you are going to smile, that it is a full and genuine smile.

A smile on one side of the face is unconsciously interpreted as contempt, so a quick grin or an attempted polite one-sided smile is not a good idea.

Timing is Important
you can make your smile even more powerful by timing it perfectly. Give a smile to someone, but hold it back for a moment or two to really ‘see’ the person, before smiling fully.

This lets the receiver know that the smile is because of who they are, and not you smiling at anything that comes near you.



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