Seven Signs That Show You Need To Change Your Mattress

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Crystal Skye

Having a good day at work the next day starts with a sound night’s sleep and your mattress has a very huge role to play in this. Before you go off to sleep, you may want to look out for these signs in your mattress and decide to change it or not.

You see Creepy Insects
The minute you see any signs of bugs in your bed, it should motivate you to get a new mattress. Many people don’t realize that bed bugs aren’t the only thing they need to worry about.

Older mattresses are a haven for dust mites that feed off of the dead skin that builds up in your mattress. According to a study by Ohio State University, the typical used mattress may have from 100,000 to 10 million mites in it.

You have bad allergy or asthma symptoms
A buildup of dust mites in old mattresses can cause allergic reactions such as a runny nose, sneezing, and an itchy nose, mouth, and throat. If you find that your allergies don’t go away even when the pollen levels go down, it’s probably time to think about investing in a new mattress.

It Looks Awkward
The most obvious sign that you need a new mattress is that it doesn’t really look like a mattress anymore. You may want to look out for visual cues when changing your sheets.

If it’s uneven or sagging in certain areas, that’s a pretty good indication that it is no longer providing the support you need when you sleep and that it’s time for a new mattress.


It’s Noisy
Your bed shouldn’t be loud, even when you’re tossing and turning. If you hear grinding metal or springs that seems displaced, it means that the foundation of your mattress isn’t strong anymore.

It Has A Funny Smell
If you wash your sheets every week and something still doesn’t smell right when you’re falling asleep, it could be a sign that you need a new mattress.

The fact is that the hours you spend in bed over time accumulates a lot of unpleasant bacteria and fungi. Also, if your room is damp, it could develop mould.

It’s old
The average modern mattress is made to last for about eight to ten years. Not only does your mattress lose support over its lifetime, but it also accumulates oil, moisture, and dead skin.

You Feel Older Than You Really Are
Support issues are never that obvious because they are hard to see. However, your body will tell you if there may be an issue. A lot of things that people attribute to getting older such as aches and pains can normally be credited to the age or quality of their mattress.



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