Seven Legal Ways To Make Money From Your Body

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With the 21st century presenting loads of demands for humans, it has become pertinent to get a second job, or have an alternative legal means of making money. Selling your body for scientific or medical purposes is a legitimate way to earn cash.

Despite advances in medicine, doctors and scientists still rely on donors for certain biological materials such as plasma, sperm, and eggs. These can be sold for a profit—legally—and you get the satisfaction of helping others. Check out five ways you can legally sell your body for money.

Donate Sperm
Most sperm banks require donors to be between 18 and 39 years old, but donating is not a one-time affair. A lot of clinics require donors to commit to making deposits at least once a week for six months to a year. Some facilities require deposits two to three times per week.

Furthermore, there are also genetic requirements for donors. Some facilities require donors to meet certain height requirements and smokers, drug users, and those with genetic histories of certain diseases aren’t eligible.

Donate blood and plasma
the going rate for donating a pint of blood is about 5,000 Naira, depending on the blood type. If you’re getting paid to donate blood, your donation may not be used the way you think. The federal government prohibits the use of blood collected from paid donors for transfusions in hospitals.

You can sell your hair for as much as 300,000 Naira. Artisans, beauticians, and wig makers are happy to buy your lengthy tresses for a pretty sum and use them to craft jewellery, purses and other objects.

The hair that is most qualified for the highest price would be hair in good condition, very long, and straight. Buyers go for hair that is at least 15 to 35 inches.

Furthermore, gray hair may not sell at all, but natural blonds and brunettes with natural chestnut tinges sell well, with redheads financially faring the best. While hair prices can reach into the thousands, many sellers get only a few hundred dollars.

You can sell your hair through sites such as, or Craigslist.

Donate Eggs
egg donors get paid as much as 300,000 Naira for their services. Donors can range from 21 to 35 years old, and must be in good health. Those who smoke, use drugs, have a high body mass index, or have mental health issues aren’t eligible.

Donors are also expected to pass initial eligibility screenings, take fertility drugs, check in for regular medical evaluations, and undergo a minor surgical procedure to have the eggs extracted.

There are however risks for egg donors, such as ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, complications which can cause patients “discomfort where they can’t eat; there could be kidney failure and such donors may potentially require hospitalisation.

Become A Surrogate
Gestational surrogates carry the sperm and egg from a couple until the child is born. Because the surrogacy process usually lasts 15 to 18 months from initial application through birth, the screening process is much lengthier and includes medical and psychological evaluations.

Surrogates can be older than egg donors—early 20s to early 40s, and many clinics require applicants to have experienced at least one uncomplicated pregnancy.

Earn From Breast Milk
You can legally sell your own breast milk, but experts advice against it. A research conducted in 2013, saw researchers buy more than 100 samples from an online vendor and found that nearly 3 out of 4 were contaminated with either abnormally high levels of bacteria or with bacteria linked to disease.

If you have excess breast milk and I you are concerned about it going to waste, you can try donating to one of the nonprofit milk banks.

Participate In A Clinical Trial
Clinical trials use healthy people, as well as those suffering from specific conditions, to test new drugs and therapies. Clinical trials are conducted by drug companies, medical facilities, and the government. Compensation varies, depending on the length of the study and other factors.

It’s possible to make money by participating in clinical trials, but there may be risks. There won’t be much safety information, except from animals. Testing facilities are required to inform participants about any known risks, but participants should ask about what the animal trials of the treatment show.

You need to also know if something goes wrong, who’s going to pay for your medical care before thinking of the money you’d get from it.



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