Five Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone To Become Smarter

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A smartphone is meant to make you smart but very few people know half of the the functions their phones present to them.

Download Key Documents
Apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox sometimes come pre-installed with your smartphone and you can use them to store your documents and photos in the cloud.

Not only does doing so let you retrieve your files anywhere, but it also backs them up in case of tragic events such as a computer crash.

They Protect Their Passwords
if you enjoy using lots of different passwords for things because if someone gets one password and you’re using the same password for everything, then they can get into all of your accounts, you can keep track of all of these passwords using apps like password keeper and RoboForm.

These apps helps to securely store your login information for each of your online accounts. RoboForm charhes a price but some other apps such as password keeper and LastPass are free and also do the trick as well.

Create To-do lists
These lists are key to living an organized life, and having access to them wherever you go with a smartphone only makes them even more effective. Almost all smartphones come with pre-installed to-do list apps that can help you create a master list of everything you know you need to accomplish.

Do Your Shopping
Paper grocery lists can be painful to write out, and even harder to keep track of. Instead, you can use the Android app “Out of Milk” to record what groceries you are running out on and what you need to buy regularly.

Paying Without Cards
If you have a number of credit, debit and loyalty cards that are weighing your wallet down, you can reduce your load by taking advantage of the various pay apps available for smartphones, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

These apps let you load your credit or debit card information right onto your phone, and all you need to do at the store is tap your device on a sensor to pay. You can also link your loyalty and rewards cards with the app, allowing for quick and easy savings.



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