Five Things Your Earwax Can Tell You About Your Health

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Your Earwax is an important part of your ear health that you probably don’t pay much attention to, except when you want to clean your ears. It helps protect the ear and keep it clean and healthy.

Here are five important things that your earwax can tell you about your health and you should read this before you pick up that Q-tip.

It Drips Out
If your ear feels wetter after a workout, that’s probably just sweat, but if you wake up with earwax on your pillow or crusty bits on your earlobe, those are signs of an ear infection or chronic ear disease.

It Is Itchy
We all get the urge to scratch the insides of our ears from time to time, but if you’re constantly digging in your ears to relieve an itch, it might be a sign that something is wrong. Itching in or around the ear canal could suggest an infection.

Green or Yellow Earwax
Normal earwax ranges from light orange to dark brown, but if you find out that yours is yellow, green, white, or black, that suggests an infection and you need to see a doctor.

Infections can just “pop up,” and doctors may have a hard time identifying the exact cause, but things like swimmers ear, where water remains in the ear, can also trigger an ear infection.

Flaky Earwax
If your earwax and ear canal skin is flaky and dry, it could actually be eczema. The fact is people can get eczema in the ear, too. It however is nothing to worry about as it can be easily treated.

This earwax consistency, possibly accompanied by soreness, could also be a sign of psoriasis, though this is less common. Patients usually already know they have this because they’ll see rashes elsewhere, but it’s definitely worth seeing a doctor for.

It Is Smelly
Your earwax should never have an odour; if it does, that signals an infection. Whether you are the one that noticed the smell or other people, be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.



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