Five Soft Skills Employers Look For In Fresh Graduates

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If you are a fresh graduate, there is a need for you to unlearn everything you have known and heard as employers tend to place more premium on a number of soft skills.

Be Relatable
Employers need coworkers to find their fresh graduates open, available, empathetic, and relatable. If you’re closed off, you will put people on the defensive, which makes it harder to work together and have your ideas accepted.

You can’t connect with and trust someone who isn’t being real. If your colleagues can relate to you and feel they can trust you, they’re likely to be amenable in turn.

You’re Good On Your Own
Without self-motivation you will not reach your full potential for success. It’s the highest level of self-mastery and employers know that this skill can make you your own manager. It’s useful to be predictably capable of handling tasks with little or no direct supervision.

You’re Curious
Taking initiative doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions because requesting clarification is actually proactive. It’s more efficient to make sure you’re moving in the right direction before completing a task rather than waste time on the wrong track.

Most employers would prefer to hire someone who knows when it’s time to ask questions and request assistance than someone who thinks he or she already knows everything. While you may feel asking questions makes you look stupid, it actually displays an inquisitive mind.

People Looking Up To You
Leadership” falls into the “sweet spot” on the soft skills list. These are traits that are more desired but less common among job candidates. But what does being a leader really entail? It’s beyond telling people what to do.

Instead, it means motivating others, by providing positive feedback when an employee does well, collaborating with team members to set company goals so their opinion and ideas are valued, and creating an environment where employees are allowed and encouraged to be their best selves. This fosters a positive feeling among the staff, which leads to better productivity.

You Are Reliable
If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it, you’re going to find yourself sacked. Your colleagues as well as your boss need to be able to depend on you to turn in good work.



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