Eight Things You Probably Never Knew You Could Get Free On An Airplane

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There are a number of things that are available for free on every airplane but to get the benefits, you not only need to know those things but also ask nicely.

Temporary Babysitting
Travelling with kids can be tough, and flight attendants know this. If you need to get up for a quick trip to the restroom (and your child is enjoying a quiet well-behaved moment), a lot of flight attendants will gladly keep an eye on your little one for a minute or two. You however shouldn’t overstay your welcome.

About to get off your flight and realize you forgot to read the magazine in your seat back? Have a long cab ride to your hotel? Feel free to take the magazine with you as entertainment—it’s totally free.

Cockpit Tours
If you happen to be flying with a young passenger who’s interested in planes or you happen to be interested yourself, most pilots will gladly allow you to peak inside the cockpit. Just make sure you ask the pilot after the flight, when time is less of the essence.

A Can Of Soft Drink
If a few splashes of soft drink over a full cup of ice isn’t enough to quench your thirst, you can ask your flight attendant for the entire can, or to have your drink with no ice.

Most airplanes are well stocked on chips and other in-flight snacks. If you find that you are still hungry after the first round, you can ask your flight attendant if there are enough leftovers for seconds.

Basic First aid Supplies
If you ever happen to you need an aspirin, antacid, or Band-Aid on your flight, be rest assured the crew of the airplane you are on have you covered. All you have to do is ask nicely.

Sanitizing Wipes
The tray table and seat belt buckle are some of the places that contain the most germs on an airplane. Want to avoid them? Ask for a sanitizing wipe—most airlines keep small packages on board.

Free Alcohol
Most airlines offer free alcoholic beverages in first and business class, and a selection of free wine and beer on international flights.



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