Buhari Was Right: Nigerian Youths Are Lazy

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Buhari Was Right: Nigerian Youths Are Lazy By Mike Stan

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A few months ago Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief, Muhammadu Buhari, shocked the world with his submission that Nigerian youths are lazy. Social media went agog with the news. But today, only a few months after, all that noise is washed ashore, and it is evident that Buhari was right.

This piece was written by Mike Stan. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

How can over 100 million people under 40 be looking to a 72-year-old to rescue us from an 82-year-old? Isn’t that just non-compos mentis? They chant Atikulated! Atikulated! Isn’t that how they all chanted Sai Buhari! Sai Buhari! almost 4years ago? Look where all that chants and foolishness has brought all of us, yet Nigerians still haven’t learnt from their mistakes or read the handwriting on the wall.

Twenty years is enough proof that neither old age nor political experience is the answer to Nigeria’s monumental challenges as is evident in the emergence of Nigeria as the poverty-capital of the world amidst being one of the world’s most corrupt nations, with a debt profile of N22.4Trillion while her senators and top office holders smile to the bank with incredulous paychecks and allowances to the slavery of the common Nigerian!

I write to say, and support Mr. President, that indeed Nigerian youths are not just the laziest of all youths in the world, but they are the most miserable of human beings alive. How can we come through such a history of collosal mismanagement of Nigerian funds and gross disrespect of the Nigerian people by our leaders and still have the audacity to open our mouths or carry our legs to support these old-recycled-corrupt-stomach infrastructure politicians?

How can 100million Nigerian youths amongst whom we have vibrant, competent, and able young men who can, without any doubt, steer this nation back on course to the greatness that she once was known for, be at the verge of sharing their precious votes and voices among 2 old-retired comrades who should have nothing to do on the corridors of power but be in their homes receiving elderly care? “Tofiakwa” Nigerian youths!

Shame on every Nigerian youth who is using their energy, time, talent and expertise to support Atiku or Buhari. Shame on every Nigerian youth who is foolish enough to think that the time has come to partake of their own portion of the national cake. Shame on every Nigerian youth who for a paltry sum is ready to sell off his future and that of his unborn children to people who have absolutely no interest in the progress of this nation.

Shame on you all. You are the problem of this country—all of you who have, with your eyes wide open—decided to foolishly continue to enjoy slavery in the hands of this wicked-inconsiderate-selfish and greedy masters of yours who parade themselves as politicians.

This nation and her generations unborn will not forgive you for selling off their future and for bringing untold hardship and handing down a nation of poverty, chaos, and war to them.

I pray, like our national anthem captures perfectly, that God will help the youths of this nation the truth to know, direct the noble cause of this great country, and especially guide our leaders right so that the labours of our heroes past will not be in vain, to the end that once again we might have a nation that is bound in peace, unity, progress and prosperity. So help us God!

This piece was written by Mike Stan. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.



I am but your herald boy in the art of the pen.. An eccentric Environmental Biologist smouldered in the glorious epiphany of online journalism. If you ever find my article unduly insipid, sue me and i’ll refund you...


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  2. Stupid talk from a very stupid man indeed. Mike Stan or whatever you call yourself. The issue isn’t age here. It’s more about the aspirant’s health status and ability of ruling properly. How old is Donald Trump if i may ask ? Please stop spreading stupid political propaganda here. Atiku is more than healthy enough to contest. It’s people like this that will not let this country move foward with rubbish bad belle talks. Foolish goat like you. ONYE ARA !!!

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