Are You Changing Jobs? Here Are Five Things To Do On Your Last Day At Work

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Whether you’re departing on a high note or a low one, the last day you spend at work before moving on to something new can be awkward and stressful.

Not to worry. Here’s how to close the door, and still leave a proverbial window open for any future opportunities that may arise.

End On a Positive Note
Last impressions are just as important and carry the same effect as first ones. Whether you were sacked, getting laid off, or resigning, keeping an upbeat attitude throughout your last day of work is important.

Refrain from saying anything disparaging or derogatory about the company, your bosses, or your co-workers. Any form of negativity will only hurt potentially important relationships and make you seem bitter.

Say Goodbyes Personally To Coworkers
If you have built a good relationship with your coworkers, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. Saying goodbye personally to everyone you’ve worked with will ensure that your relationships end on a good note—even if they don’t last beyond the office.

You can pay a compliment to everyone regarding how nice it was to work with them. Be excited about your next step and turn the conversation to them by thanking them for being such a good coworkers.

Say Thank-you To Your Boss
Even if Human Resources didn’t request a final meeting, it hurts nobody for you to check in and thank your boss one more time before you head out on your last day of work. You never know how it could pay off down the road.

However, be mindful of what you say. Stay on your positive, as what you share in those meetings can and will be shared with executives who you may want to maintain a long-term relationship with.

Tie Up All Loose Ends
Although you will have finished all of your work projects before your last day of work, you should spend the first few hours of the morning tying up any loose ends, irrespective of your lack of motivation. Stay focused on the work at hand, and try not to leave projects dangling.

Collect Your Contacts
Just because you’re leaving the office behind doesn’t mean you have to leave connections behind, too. To stay in touch later on, connect with your coworkers and boss on LinkedIn, and don’t be afraid to ask one or two of them to write a recommendation for you on the site.



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