Six Signs You’re An Easy Target For Robbery

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There are a number of everyday tasks you engage in that could be setting you up as a target for robbery, without you even realising it. These everyday tasks could be putting you in danger, and you don’t even realize it.

When next you go to the mall or drive through a neighborhood, imagine yourself as a thief or predator. Ask yourself, Whom would I target, and why? By looking for easy targets, you’ll learn to avoid being one yourself.

The unlocked car
No matter the type of car you drive, it is important you lock it as someone could hide in it. It’s also a good idea to never leave electronics, personal documents, your purse, and other valuable items in your car.

Women Who Hold Their handbags Near the Road
Holding your handbag near the road is akin to practically begging a robbery to happen as a thief could drive by, snatch it, and drive off. A parking lot or sidewalk are not the only places your purse can get snatched! Be cautious and carry your bags on the safe side devoid of vehicular movement.

The jogger listening to an iPod
If you are going out jogging and you have your headphones on, you are most likely sacrificing one of your primary senses and compromising your awareness. This makes you an easy target for robbery.

Parking Your Car Alongside a Cargo Van
The cargo van not only blocks your car from view but could also easily be hiding a criminal inside. The best thing to do is to park your car at a vantage position where passers-by can easily see you get in and out.

Putting Your Bag Down In Public
People tend to drop their bags at the bus stop, a cash register, wherever, then get preoccupied talking on their cell phone or watching for the bus to come. Anyone could easily snatch a portable bag and make away with the contents.

Having A Deep Conversation With A Friend in a park
Mother’s and fathers that are supposed to be minding their children. But who become so busy talking that they don’t notice their kids wandering off and becoming a target or robbery and kidnapping.



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