Seven Tricks Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) Use In Winning Your Trust

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While you may see yourself as someone that can’t fall victim to Fraudsters, the simple truth is getting conned could be as simple as a stranger knowing your name.

Scammers Let You Win First
The easiest way to build up a victim’s confidence is to give them a taste of reward. Many scams begin by letting the victim win something—be it money, affection, social acceptance, etc.

Con artists Set A Ticking Clock
Con artists use the “time principle” to persuade their victims to act quickly before rational thought and self-control can kick in.

Fraudsters Are Masters of Trust
You can learn a lot about trust from the people who violate it for a living. A Fraudsters only weapon is his brain, and they put it to good use. For starters, Fraudsters typically know how to earn the confidence of strangers within minutes of meeting.

They Target The Vulnerable
If you’ve ever been scammed (and most of us have, in one way or another) it doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it only means you were vulnerable. Fraudsters tend to play on people’s emotions as opposed to their intelligence.

People who are going through times of extreme life change, for instance, are very vulnerable to con artists because they tend to lose their equilibrium.

For instance, you are more susceptible to all types of cons when you, for instance, have lost a job. On the other end too, positive changes also make you vulnerable, as you become more credulous of good things in general.

The other easy targets for Fraudsters are people that are insecure, lonely people and the elderly.

Scammers Get You Talking
The most successful cons are based on desires. What can the con artist offer the victim that will make them abandon rational thought for the promise of fantasy? This can only be known by asking.

Victims don’t ask a lot of questions; they answer a lot of questions. Victims don’t look for why the offer is a scam; they look for why the offer will make them money. Victims generally want to fee good and in charge. That is why God scammers are not only master actors, but master listeners too.

Con artists Show Their “flaws”
Scammers generally tend to be great talkers. And speech can be manipulated just as effectively as body language to build a quick sense of familiarity between the scammer and victim.

A good fraudster will put his victim at ease by telling stories that reveal his own anxieties, faults, and desires, thereby fabricating what feels like common ground. As research shows, we’re quick to trust people we see as imperfect (like ourselves).

They Name Drop or Call On Influential Friends
Psychologist say that people are more likely to do things if they see other people doing them first; You’re more likely to add a stranger on Facebook if the two of you have mutual friends, right?

More often than not, you will see scammers dropping names of influential people such as politicians and celebrities as a way of convincing their potential victims. Some may even show pictures to convince victims of their clout and reputation.



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