Seven Tips That Can Help You Get The Best Medical Care In Hospitals

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A lot of the time, doctors literally have our lives in their hands but most of us tend to know more about our barbers than someone who could potentially cut our bodies. Here are some tips that can help you get the best medical care available in any hospital.

Ask Hospital Employees
Hospital employees know who takes his job seriously and those who are lackadaisical. They also know who among them will be more empathetic and who is more knowledgeable as regards a particular condition you may be suffering from.

To get the best medical care possible, speak to any friendly hospital employee.

Ask About Their Complication Rate
If the hospital you intend to get medical care from doesn’t have one, that is a big red flag. Chances are they are hiding something or haven’t being around long enough to have one. No one is immune to complications.

Most Surgeons Have A Financial Conflict of Interest
The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. For one, a lot of surgeons are paid more to perform surgery than to manage your problem conservatively. For this reason, some may selfishly perform surgeries you do not need.


Never Assume Your Doctors Recommendation is The Best
Some referrals are financially and politically motivated. Some doctors will specifically make some recommendations to other doctors within the same multi-specialty group.

Ask To Talk To Former Patients
Talking to former patients is like getting references for a babysitter. Former patients have passed through them and know those that offer the best medical care.

Always ask ‘Who is going to take care of me after surgery?’
The reply to this question should always be ‘I will see you on a regular basis until you have recovered fully.’ While it may often be residents or physician’s assistants that will attend to you, there are some cases where you wouldn’t even have any; especially after you’ve been discharged from the hospital.

Elective surgeries Are Best Done Early In The Week
Lots of doctors go away for the weekend and won’t be around to make sure you’re OK. If you go in on a Friday, and then on Saturday or Sunday something untoward happens, you’re most likely going to get someone who’s covering for your surgeon.



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