Rodrigues: Terry Has Agreed To Join Sporting

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Sporting Presidential candidate, Pedro Madeira Rodrigues says John Terry has agreed to join the club if he is elected president.

Rodrigues is one of six aspirants running for the job, and is looking to bring a new coach and new players to the club.

The aspirant has already seen two of his targets join other clubs and is keen on landing Terry.

“I’m very close to presenting players for Sporting already,” Rodrigues told Sporting TV. “If I wanted to, I could present three players today. I just won’t announce them because I can’t go beyond certain limits.

“I’m negotiating by the penny. They are foreigners. A left-back, a striker and a great champion – all players who have no contract.

“I can say one because I’ve been caught up with him. It’s John Terry, a great champion, a player who does not come to win games, but comes to win games in training. I cannot pay him what he’s used to, but I think he’s very close to being our player.

“Unfortunately we lost Marchisio, he would be Sporting’s player if I was president last week. On Monday we lost one to Olympiacos.”



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