Nine Tricks That You Can Perform With The Google Search Engine

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The Google search engine is most likely your go-to place when it comes to searching for information but do you know you can do much more fun things than just, well, search?

It can do a barrel roll!
Type “do a barrel roll” into Google, click “search”, and your browser window will do a 360-degree spin. You can get the same fun Google tricks effect that is obtainable in a Nintendo game by typing “z or r twice” in reference to the controller buttons you’d press in the game.

It’s a word nerd!
Google “anagram” and the search engine will suggest “nag a ram.” Very cute.

The space word
“Kerning” is a term that refers to the space between characters in a font. So, when you Google “kerning,” it displays the results with odd spacing between the letters. Isn’t that fun?

The Nerdy word!
According to Google. The word “recursion” means, “the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition.” When you search “recursion,” Google asks “Did you mean recursion?” with a link to a search for “recursion,” which then asks “Did you mean recursion?” with a link to a search for “recursion,” which then asks…you get it.

This goes on and on, till you get tired of the search!

It can read images!
If you are on the lookout for something specific, but don’t have the right keywords to describe it, you can simply do a Google image search.

You can “reverse image search” at by clicking the camera icon, uploading an image, and then getting results of pictures that look similar. You may however be comfortable at first with your pictures floating around the web first.

It’s overrun by the zerg!
In a manner of speaking, anyway. The “zerg” are a race of insectoid aliens in the popular Starcraft video game series. If you Google “zerg rush,” the Os in “Google” behave like zerglings, the race’s foot soldiers, and start chomping away at search results.

It speaks secret languages!
On the top of your Google homepage, hit the nine squares at the top and go to My Account. Scroll to the bottom to find Language & Input Tools under Account Preferences. You can change your language to fun ways of speaking like Muppets (Bork, bork, bork!), Elmer Fudd (Ewmew Fudd), Klingon, and pirate.

It defies gravity!
Google Gravity shatters the search engine into pieces that you can drag and bounce around your screen.



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