“MFM General Overseer Dr Dk Olukoya Did Not Send Me To Sowore For Any Reason” – Dr Akinloye

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The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Dr DK Olukoya was alleged to have offered to fund the presidential campaign of Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore in the upcoming 2019 general elections. These allegations have been strongly denied.

According to a member of the church, Dr Aaron Akinloye, Dr Olukoya did not send him to Sowore, for any reason. In a recent video that has been circulating for some days now, Sowore was seen addressing a group of people with wrong information on a Maryland US lawsuit that had been won by MFM in a US court, further more claiming that the MFM general overseer sent someone to him for a meeting, as well as offered to bankroll his political ambition.


Dr Akinloye who met with Sowore claims the meeting was about more private matters and he was in no position to undertake the alleged assignment. Akinloye took to nairaland to refute these claims, ‘’I Dr Aaron Akinloye have never said that the General Overseer sent me to you. You would recall that we were talking about UNILAG Alumni when you showed interest in the development of the school. Please, be very careful with the way you spread unconfirmed news. Mr Sowore, let me ask you, on what capacity would the G.O have sent me to you? I am not his media person. Please, be careful the way you are going about this.”

To further exonerate himself from Mr Sowore’s allegation, Dr Akinloye added, “In fact, Sowore needs help. He needs plenty of prayers. Does he think he can sit down somewhere and begin to confuse the whole world? People that know him should call him to order. Somebody who said he was ready to confess his sins before the man of God. Sowore, we know your history while in Unilag anyways. I am not surprised. Why am I even disturbing myself over your cantankerous attitude?”

He added that Sowore’s claims that Dr D.K Olukoya offering to finance his political campaign was a mere media stunt to get attention, stating that the G.O neither gets involved in politics nor does he know about Sowore’s political ambition. “Sowore what is your problem? When did I tell you that the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries would like to finance your campaign? You must be out of your mind. The man of God who doesn’t get involved in politics. Does he even know that you are contesting for anything? If you are looking for attention, you won’t get it. I strongly advise you to desist from your antics, particularly the way you are dragging me into this mess. If you fail to desist from slandering my name, I will take a legal action against you.”


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