Klopp: Liverpool Just Like A Virgin Ahead Of PSG Game

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Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will feel like they are virgins when they are facing PSG in the UCL on Tuesday.

The Reds will host the Ligue 1 giants at Anfield, their first match since the loss to Madrid in the final.

“No damage. No, absolutely not,” he told reporters when asked if his side had been damaged by the upset against Madrid.

“I think we got a lot of respect because of the way we played last season and I think everyone who saw the final saw that we could have won it against a side in a completely different moment.

“They see the games we played. They saw Manchester City, they saw Rome, they saw Porto. They saw so many games which we played in a really good way. There was a lot of respect.

“It is a nice experience, it is a nice memory, but pretty sure it will help us in the moment, all that stuff, but at the end we have to start new – using the experience but not relying on it.

“The best way is when you are experienced you use your new knowledge and start again – like a virgin if you want.”

And although Klopp recognises their opponents’ quality, he is sure his team can be strong and bold.

“I love my players, all of them, I wouldn’t change them but I watched Paris, I watched them last year and I watched them this year, and it is impressive,” said Klopp.

“They are good, really good, not only for Paris, but Kylian Mbappe, come on, what a World Cup he played!

“And Neymar we all know about his quality. Angel Di Maria, maybe he didn’t have the best time at Man United but all the rest of his career was outstanding. Cavani, also an outstanding goal-scorer.

“In the preparation, I have to make sure that we know about it. I know we are quite good but we have to respect them without getting afraid of them.”



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