How To Get Your Dream Job Using Google’s New Job Search Engine

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Google Launches 'Google Go' Today

The days of attending crowded job fairs with a resume in hand and scrolling through newspaper advertisement pages for a job are long over.

And while repeatedly refreshing job portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor is great and everything, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could combine all those sites into one place?

As a matter of fact, Google has just saved the day yet again. Everyone’s favourite search engine just got a little better thanks to Google for Jobs, the Internet’s latest algorithm-based job portal.

The new feature sorts and organizes listings across employment sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor—all into one conveniently streamlined page.

As Google for Jobs collects those listings, it deletes duplicates in the process. Now, you’ve never been more guaranteed to find the perfect job match.

To try out Google for jobs, simply search “jobs” or “internships” on Google. And voila! A box labeled “Jobs” should appear beneath the search bar.

Like any search engine, the most important thing when it comes to finding your dream job is using the right keywords. The more words you type into your search, the narrower your results.

Use the job title if you’re looking for a specific type of job; search for jobs nearby by typing in “jobs near me;” or enter the city or state where you want to work (followed by “jobs”) if you’re looking to relocate.

Are you interested in getting even more specific? Clicking on the Jobs box will take you to a page where you can select from tabs like job title, date posted, industry, and type of work, as well as location and company type.

And for immediate notifications about new job postings, you can even have job alerts sent right to your email’s inbox.

While you can’t submit an application directly through Google for Jobs, the site will direct you to the original posting, where you can apply for any job that catches your fancy.



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