Full Transcript Of Maurizio Sarri Post-mach Press Conference After Chelsea’s Emphatic Victory Over Cardiff City

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Top of the league, is it unfair to say you can’t win the league?

 I cannot change my mind for one match. I think that at this moment Liverpool and Manchester City are another step than us. But I think we can improve. My target is to be the best team in England, but not in one month. Maybe one season, maybe a little more. But our target is this. But at the moment, I repeat, for me in my opinion Liverpool and Manchester City are better than us.”

Where do you think you can improve? 

“I think in this moment we are very dangerous in the offensive phase but we are not so solid as I want in the defensive phase. Today we knew that this opponent is very strong in the set-pieces but we were not ready to answer. We need to improve, but we are able to and can improve very quickly.”

Hazard the best player in the league?

“Maybe. I thought Hazard was one of the best players in Europe, but now I am changing my mind that he is the best. I think Hazard can improve more. I think that he can spend less energy than now at 50 or 60 metres to the opposite goal.”

How much did Giroud play in Hazard’s good game?

“I think Olivier has played very well without scoring, but very well for the match, I think.”

How is Hazard spending too much time away from the goal, defending? 

“No [not defending], when we have the ball in our half and he touches the ball five times or six times, so his actions it shows he spends a lot of energies, and can have more energy in the last 25 metres. I think he can score 30 or 35 goals.”

Satisfied with start?

“I am very happy because I thought the beginning for me has been very difficult. I have been lucky because I have good players, not just one, but good players, so I am lucky. I am very happy with my team, to be here and play in the Premier League.”

Easier for Hazard with Jorginho and Kovacic?

“I think he can do it, he can do it. I told him in the last two days because Eden only arrived two days ago. After the international teams I prefer to give the players one day off. I have spoken to him in the last two days, yesterday I told him for me he can score 40 goals. But spend less energy far from the goal and play in the last 25 metres.”

Worried about Kovacic injury?

“No. No. I spoke to the doctor a minute again and he said it was nothing serious.”



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