“FULL EFFEX” Owns The MIC In Week 1 As Hennessy VS Class V Radio Show Commences. Who Joins Him This Week?

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Hennessy VS Class
The first week of the Hennessy VS Class 2018 radio show took place last Thursday night, with contestant Full Effex emerging as the winner of the first week, after a three stage battle.
The first of the five radio shows on The Beat 99.9 FM had eight emcees: Fayz, CGun, Laudereys, Henchinoo, King Ajaa, Astro RB, ZFlogz and Full Effex who began with a 40 second freestyle, and moved on to a 2-part faceoff.
Hennessy VS Class
It was definitely a confirmation of the VS Class battle series being the hottest on-air rap battle.
For the final round, Astro went on to battle with Full Effex, and after the two-hour show; Vector, Phlow, Jimmie and host Sam Douglas crowned Full Effex as the winner of the night.
Hennessy VS Class
The #HennessyVSClass2018 Radio Show returns this week with a fresh set of rappers who all want the top spot. Tune in Thursday,  September 6th at 10PM on The Beat 99.9 FM
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