Four Potentially Risky Things You Should Avoid Searching On The Internet

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The Internet provides information about virtually everything but there should be a limit to the things you search for ; if you are intent on staying out of trouble. Here are four potentially risky things you should avoid searching over the Internet.

The Safety Or Otherwise of A Product
The Internet has A lot of opinions, with people claiming to be experts on everything. If you’re wondering if a certain product is safe for your skin, safe to ingest, etc. and you get back a “yes” from some forums and a “no” from others, you might be tempted to swing toward the positive side.

It’s best to seek out medical and/or professional advice in person. Call your doctor or the company in question.

Your Symptoms
checking your symptoms such as the awkward mole on your face, using the search engine to decipher why your stomach hurts, why you feel tired, or why you’re itchy will probably instill more fear in you than simply going to see a doctor.

Symptoms of your condition can be similar to a hundred other conditions and only a professional can tell what is affecting you apart from the rest.

Your Favourite Thing To Do And Cancer
Cancer is a terrible thing, and it seems almost everything is linked to it. But did you know even owning a dog has been linked to cancer?! There is a research out there that links your precious pup to the disease.

The truth is you are not going to give up your favourite pet, so why even tempt yourself with a Google search. You may want to spend your spare time surfing the web for more helpful things.

How many times have your translations actually turned out correct when you try them on someone? You likely get a “What?!” from the person you’re trying to impress or communicate with.

As some experts have pointed out, if the English version of The Girl from Ipanema was translated via Google, you’d get “Girl in the golden body, sun from Ipanema, the it swung its more than a poem.” The translation doesn’t make much sense, or does it?

Do yourself a favour and avoid looking for translations over the Internet.



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