Four Medical Myths You Should Stop Believing

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There are a lot of medical myths that suggests what is best for your body, but you may be surprised that you don’t know your body as well as you think. Science has proved these bits of conventional myths and wisdom wrong.

Vaccines are dangerous
This is one myth that we hope you’ve stopped believing or never did, since the theory that vaccines cause autism was always a myth. Plenty of people believed that the shots were risky because of thimerosal, a preservative in some vaccines.

Thimerosal however contains a type of mercury that the body can easily clear and only tiny amounts of it are used. Despite the fact that experts consider it safe, manufacturers have reduced or almost totally eliminated its use.

Vaccines do not cause autism. They also do not make you sick by infecting you with the illness. What’s injected is a dead virus, so it’s impossible to contract an illness from the shot. People who experience a reaction are feeling their immune system respond to the killed virus.

Even vaccines that contain live forms of a virus, such as the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, weakened forms of the virus are used and are safe for most people who don’t have weak immune systems.

If you never had a food allergy, you never will
The truth is food allergies are on the rise and becoming more severe, and scientists aren’t sure exactly why. People can develop them at any stage in life, to practically any kind of food, and the effects can range from mild to severe.

Although there have been some advances in exposure therapy, which introduces a person to allergens gradually to reduce his or her allergic reaction, you should not try this without an experts opinion.

You should also not premedicate yourself with a drug such as Benadryl to try to eat a food you are allergic to. Each reaction can be different, and an initial mild reaction can become worse on subsequent exposures.

Only kids get asthma
Actually, more adults have asthma than do children. As with allergies, you can develop asthma as an adult even if you never had it before—and it can be life-threatening if untreated.

Eating more protein will give you more energy
Protein fills you up and provides a steady, slow-burning supply of calories; that’s why weight-loss experts recommend it over refined carbohydrates for people looking to lose weight.

However, eating too much meat can contribute to increased acidity in the body and increased inflammation; which has been linked to many chronic diseases.



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