Five Tips That Can Help You Recover Anything You Misplaced

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Every single one of us can relate to misplacing something and spending minutes thinking of when and where the priced possession was placed. Here’s how to quit wasting time on unnecessary treasure hunts.

Create A Room For Everything
One of the reasons you get things misplaced in the first place is because those subtle things don’t have a home. To prevent losing your keys or your purse, it is best you designate a special spot for those things you usually misplace the minute you arrive home.

The home you create could be a bowl on the counter or a hook by the door. Once you get into the habit of placing things in these places, you will know exactly where to look for the item when you need it.

More so, other members of your household will also adopt your idea and utilise thededicated space and should they happen upon the object outside of its normal place in your home, they will know to return it.

Keep The Ringer of Your Phone On
Cell phones are one of the most commonly misplaced item. The easiest way to find your missing cell phone is to call it from another line. If the phone is however set to silent, your effort could become futile.

This concept also applies to other objects as well. For your keys, consider a jangly key chain. For important papers, perhaps a brightly coloured file folder that can easily be seen. Providing sound and visual signals for yourself will keep those items from slipping easily into the background.

Search Smart
If you’re in the proper state of mind, searching for a misplaced item will probably be easier. Plan out how you will search for your item. Instead of shuffling frantically, you can conduct your search systematically room by room, starting with the last place you remember using the object.

Also be sure to check wherever in case you just don’t remember putting it back, or in case someone else in your household has put it back for you. Retrace your steps since you last saw the object.

Banish clutter
The less clutter present in your home, the fewer “hiding places” there are for missing objects. If you have a well-organized home, it’s easy for you to spot any object out of its place.

By reducing piles of papers, collections of mismatched items such as toys or office supplies, you can cut the time required to find any missing items as well.

Recite Your Actions
Taking a moment to make a note in your subconscious of where you place an item will help you set a reminder for the next time you go looking for it, especially if it’s a temporary spot. You can say it out loud, “car keys is on the dining table,” and your subconscious will remind you of that when you’re ready to grab it.



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