Five Things You Should Never Put In Your Washing Machine

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It is important to know the things that you should never put in your washing machine, as failing to do so can result in damage and inherent expensive repairs.

Nothing is worse than shrunken clothes and a broken washing machine. While you may know how to un-shrink cotton, cashmere, synthetic fibers, and denim and the reasons why those fabrics shrink in the first place, but repairing a damaged washing machine is a whole other story—and a costly one, at that.

To save yourself time and money, make sure the following things never end up in the wash.

A lot of people make this mistake. You toss your clothes with coins in them into the washing machine only to discover that the machine sounds a tad louder than it should be and all of those coins are going for a swim in the washer.

While those little pieces of metal might seem harmless, but they can cause some serious damage to your washing machine. Coins can damage the fins on the drain pump if they make it past the filter. Emptying pockets is the solution.

They could also get stuck in a drain pipe and block it so the water doesn’t drain or they might even shatter the glass of a front-loading washer. They could also damage the drum and puncture the outer tank, which could cost quite a lot to repair. It might even be cheaper to buy a brand new washing machine at that point.

Flammable stains
Don’t make the intake of throwing a cloth that was spilled with flammable liquids into your washer. You might be eager to get rid of that strong smell, but gasoline doesn’t mix well with your washing machine.

It might even result in a fire or an explosion. Not to worry, you can get those stubborn stains out by mixing two-parts baking soda and one part water and rubbing the paste into the stain. Another method is hand-washing them in a sink or bucket with hot water and detergent or dish soap and hang dry.

We know, it’s so much easier to just throw your lingerie into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Unfortunately, this could be bad news for both your clothes and your washing machine.

Those hooks and wires on and in your lingerie could attach themselves to other clothing or even itself, resulting in rips and tears. This is particularly true for underwired bras. They could also hook onto parts of the washing machine, which could end up damaging the inside of the machine.

Instead, opt for handwashing your delicates or buying a lingerie bag to wash them in.

It’s only human to be forgetful sometimes—even if that means forgetting your keys in your pocket when they go through the wash. Water could cause your keys to shortcircuit, which would bring on a whole other conundrum.

Just like coins, keys can scratch up the inside of your machine and damage the drum, too. Which, as mentioned before, can be a very expensive fix. Emptying your pockets is the solution.

Rubber-backed mats
Putting a rubber-backed mat into your washer doesn’t do you or your washing machine any good. As a matter of fact, the rubber breaks down and can damage the pump if a large amount gets past the filter.



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