Five Super Powers You Probably Never Knew Dogs Possess

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Dogs are known as man’s best friend and it appears to be much more than words as they possess some superpowers that humans can only comprehend.

While this may seem like the strangest superpower, they do have it to a certain extent. Dogs can’t exactly read your mind, but they do know how you’re feeling.

In a study published in Biology Letters, researchers showed dogs photos faces displaying different emotions while also playing an audio clip that showed a distinct emotion. The interesting part is that the dogs looked at the face that corresponded to the type of voice that was being played, like a mad face when the audio clip was an angry voice.

While your pet may not be able to process the words “You ate all of my cereal?!” like humans can, they can definitely use your facial expressions and tone to pick up that you’re not in a great mood.

Super sniffer
Don’t even try to hide treats from your dog. His nose knows you have them. Just don’t let him get his paws on any foods dogs shouldn’t be eating. The sense of smell of dogs are 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than that of humans!

They Can Track Storms Internally
You should never doubt the fact that dogs can sense when bad weather is coming. While there is no specific explanation to this effect by researchers, there are some prevailing theories.

Dogs are sensitive to drops in barometric pressure that come with severe storms, and they can hear low frequencies that humans can’t, like far-off thunder and earthquake rumbles. While you shouldn’t rely on your pet over meteorologists, don’t allow their weird behaviour go unnoticed.

Secret Tail Code
Dogs can actually use their tails to communicate. They lower their tails when they feel scared or nervous. When they’re alert or aroused, the tails wag higher. If your pet is aggressive or feeling threatened, that tail will stick straight up in the air.

More so, dogs can tell how other canines are feeling based on what direction they wag in. Italian researchers discovered that dogs became more anxious when they saw others wag their tails to the left, as opposed to the right side or not at all.

Some studies have shown that left-leaning tail wagging was a result of a dog having a negative experience, such as facing a nasty dog.

Diagnostic skills
Dogs and humans know how to take care of each other. Dogs can tell when you’re not 100 percent healthy, sometimes even before you know it. As a result of their powerful sense of smell, dogs can pick up on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human bodies, which include diseases like cancer.

In 2006, dogs trained at the In Situ Foundation were able to detect lung cancer with 97 percent accuracy and breast cancer with 88 percent accuracy, just by sniffing breath samples from patients.



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