Five Of The Scariest Horror Movies Ever Produced

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Not everyone loved horror movies but for those who do, they tend to get thrilled by watching them. However, irrespective of how strong you may be, you will actually be quite lucky if the following ghost horror movies don’t haunt you long after you are done watching them.

The Conjuring

This movie is based on real events, and it tells the story of the Perron family, who moved into an old farmhouse which they’re soon convinced is haunted.

The family calls on paranormal experts Lorraine and Ed Warren to investigate, and all quickly find they’re in more danger than they could have imagined.

The success of this film resulted a series of ghost horror movies, including a sequel and several spin-offs. Just be prepared to get scared to your marrow.

The Sixth Sense
M. Night Shyamalan is arguably one of the best directors when it comes to ghost horror movies and he is famously known for creating Halloween classics, especially the one that gave us the phrase “I see dead people.”

That line—and overall performance in the sixth sense—led actor Haley Joel Osment to stardom and became one of the most famous film quotes of all time. You really need to bring all your senses to this one.

The Blair Witch Project

What can go wrong when three film students from Maryland decide to chase the legend of the Blair Witch in a deserted forest? Well, a whole lot actually.

You can consider watching the tapes they left behind and find out for yourself in what is perhaps the scariest and most chilling ghost movies out there.

The Uninvited

This horror movie follows the story of Anna; who was sent to a mental institution after attempting suicide when her ill mother died in a fire. She returns home to learn that her father married her late mother’s nurse and becomes haunted by three strange children in a recurring dream.

Unhappy with the new relationship, Anna and her sister plot against their stepmother, who they believe isn’t who she says she is. You should be prepared to have your mind blown at the end, as the truth that gets revealed isn’t what you’d expect.

The Ring

This movie about a cursed video tape; which you may find to be a little bit dated in this modern digital age, but that doesn’t make what happens to everyone who watches the tape any less terrifying.

You might never want to watch horror movies again after seeing this one. Trust us on this.



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