Five Mistakes Every Cat Owner Must Avoid

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If you have ever considered keeping a cat as a pet, don’t you for one second think kitties are low-maintenance. There are a number of things every cat owner should know and avoid when caring for their cats.

Removing The Claws of A Car You Allow Outdoors
According to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Mobile, Alabama, most outdoor cats hardly live longer than five years because of the dangers they face, as compared to indoor cats, who live closer to 18 or 20 years.

Protect your outdoor pet by keeping its claws intact. They need their weapons. If your pet ends up getting into a fight with another animal, it could get critically injured if it doesn’t have a way to scratch.

Leaving Their Food Out
Leaving a bowl of food out all day for your pet is something you should never do, as your animal may become obese. Especially if your kibble brand is high in carbs, your cat will be tempted to overeat. Whether their body needs it or not, carbohydrates are just not all that filling.

Add months or years of eating like that, and it’s no surprise your cat might carry some extra weight.

Sticking To Dry Food
If you especially can’t handle leaving your pets food out all day without the fear of your cat overeating, you might want to consider dishing out wet food for mealtime.

Wet food has better water content, which is better for the kidneys.

Avoiding The Vet
Even seemingly healthy cats should get a checkup at the vet at least once a year. Your vet might notice kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, or other conditions that you might miss.

All of these diseases may show zero or very subtle clinical signs until the disease has progressed significantly. It is always better to find a small problem while it’s still small.

Serving Food With High Carbohydrates
The simple truth is that Cats are true carnivores, and their systems are not esigned to digest plant-based food. Experts recommend a grain-free, meat-based diet for cats so they can get the protein they need.



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