Five Books With Fierce Female Characters You Should Find Time To Read

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A lot of movies have fierce female characters and a couple of them owe such intense characters to books. While you may not know it, some of your favourite fantasy heroines on the big screens came from books.

Hunger Games series
Katniss Everdeen is the ultimate survivor in Suzanne Collins’s dystopia about teens forced into a televised fight to the death, just to amuse the upper classes. This fierce female character not only serenaded the big screens, but did so much more in the books.

Dead Witch Walking series
From the minute Rachel Morgan gets kicked off the supernatural police force of Cincinnati, she crosses the river to the Kentucky side and put out her shingle as a detective, joining forces with a vampire and a subversive, sarcastic pixie.

She doesn’t expect her boss to be pleased, neither did she expect him to order a hit on her. Rachel definitely needed the use of some backup in golden thigh high boots, but with her gift for magic, she gave as much help as she got.

Game of Thrones series
The medieval kingdom of Westeros provided more than a few fierce female characters and it us difficult to pick which of George R.R. Martin’s tough broads is the fiercest.

From Daenerys Targaeron, mother of dragons; Brienne of Tarth, the tall maiden warrior in armour; Arya Stark, who fled the wreckage of her noble home and became a trained assassin; or possibly Yara Greyjoy, commander of her own longship and then Queen of the Iron Islands, there were more than a few fierce female characters.

Any single one of the aforementioned female characters from the books and the big screen is a worthy comrade-in-arms for an Amazon princess!

Moon Called series
Mercy Thompson, a shape-shifter in Washington State who transforms from tattooed car mechanic to coyote, fights off assorted werewolves, vampires, fae, witches, and ghosts.

While the titular female character usually springs to the defense of adolescents or children and more likely to be found in worn jeans than metal body suits, there is the possibility of thinking she just might enjoy slumming with her pals over a beer and meeting some of the hotter members of her pack.

Song of the Lioness series
Alanna of Trebond is one character from the song of lioness series books that is so determined to become the first female knight errant in the Kingdom of Tortall that she switches places with her twin brother before he reaches the castle where he is to begin his training.

By the time she reclaims her female identity, she is second to none in her mastery of arms and armour, and a force to be reckoned with regardless of gender. This fierce female character provides some sort of fierceness that has never been seen before.



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