Five Books That Have Feminist Characters That You Probably Didn’t Know of

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Feminist characters are the rave now and a lot of movies have and show them but not very many people know that some of their favourite books espoused feminism.

A Wrinkle in Time
The Feminist character of A Wrinkle in Time is Meg Murry who has no notable superpowers unless you count her greatest fault, stubbornness, and a dazzling gift for higher math.

Yet, in this Madeleine L’Engle’s classic, Meg manages to travel through the uncharted universe, fight the principle of evil as personified by a giant pulsing brain, rescue her genius baby brother and her long-lost father, and save the world all in one book.

Shadow and Bone series
English writers seem to have a thing for Feminist characters and you may wonder why so many fantasy worlds are based on England. This particular one takes place in an alternate Czarist Russia, split by the Shadowfold, a swathe of darkness diving the country and infested by supernatural flesh-eating monsters.

Military forces and magicians known as the Grisha work together. Much to her surprise, Alina Starkov, a war orphan raised by the State, discovers her own extraordinary ability to control the forces of light…and to protect her childhood friend, a tracker and soldier. Nothing defends Feminist opinions more like this book.

The titular character in Graceling – Katsa can kill a mountain lion with her bare hands. She discovers her gift for fighting at age eight, fending off a would-be molester.

She however becomes a kind of prisoner of her own rare ability, or “grace” for combat, forced into service as the king’s bodyguard and assassin. This book written by Kristin Cashore and based on a lyrical adventure fantasy theme; sees Katsa bands together with other Gracelings to protect their most vulnerable member.

Finishing School series
If you are a fan of Wonder Woman, you will definitely love the finishing School series. This book written by Gail Carriger is a hilarious adventures of incorrigible girls in Regency England who “learn the fine arts of dance, dress, and etiquette, but also learn to deal out death, diversion, and espionage–in the politest possible ways.

Shades of Magic series
In V.E. Schwab’s startlingly original fantasy series, there are four parallel versions of London linked together by magic and accessed only by a few legendary magicians. Miss Delilah Bard, pickpocket, would-be pirate, and street fighter extraordinaire, is not one of them.

But she is determined to hitchhike her way from Grey London, poorest in magical resources, to the richer worlds, and, of course, stay alive, which might be somewhat more difficult.



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