Eight Other Uses Of Milk (Asides Drinking) You Probably Never Knew Of

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If you’re only drinking milk, you probably fall into the same category of millions of people out there but you are most likely missing out on these brilliant household hacks.

Take Off Makeup
Milk is also effective as a gentle makeup remover because it contains naturally cleansing enzymes. To take off your makeup, dip a cotton ball in some almond milk, and swipe it over your face to remove your makeup, softening your skin in the process.

Almond milk or a small bowl of whole milk infused with a few drops of almond oil is preferable, because it is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that promote supple skin. You should however note that the cleansing properties of whole milk will do just fine to remove your makeup and soothe skin.

Improve fish flavour
To give your fish a stronger and more pleasant flavour, defrost it by tossing it in a bowl of milk. After cooking, the fish will be rich in flavour and have a smoother, easy-to-cut texture.

Restore Hair
Due to the fact that milk is rich with proteins and natural enzymes, it can serve as an excellent conditioner to help restore hair. After you shampoo, pour 1/8 of a cup of milk over your hair, then rinse out.

Heal Skin
Milk can be used to heal Skin. For minor burns, simply apply a washcloth soaked in whole milk to the affected area for 15 minutes, or submerge the burn in a bowl of milk for the same period. Repeat this every few hours to treat the burn and reduce pain.

The high fat and protein content in whole milk not only promotes healing, but also does a job at cooling the skin to reduce pain.

Fix Broken Ceramic Plates And Cups
If your china has started to show signs of wear over the years, you can use your favourite dairy drink to repair fine cracks before tossing them. Fill a pan with either fresh or reconstituted powdered milk and submerge the plate.

Bring to a boil, and then lower the heat and let it simmer for forty-five minutes. When you remove the plate, the fine cracks that has disfigured them will have disappeared.

Moisturize Skin
From ancient times, beautiful women. Such as Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I of England were known to indulge in the occasional milk bath.

To try it, pour 1-2 cups of powdered milk into the bath as it fills and emerge with softer skin afterward. Alternatively, you can give yourself a softening facial by mixing powdered milk with just enough water to create a thick paste. Apply to your face, let dry, and remove with a warm water rinse.

Refresh Scuffed Shoes
To get your patent leather shoes looking brand-new again, moisten a cloth with milk and gently wipe down your shoes. Let the milk dry and then buff with a soft washcloth, and watch the stubborn scuffmarks and stains disappear.

Remove Ink Stains From Clothes
If you accidentally swipe a pen across a garment or your kids, nephews or nieces turn your dress into a notebook, soak it in a basin of milk overnight and then throw it in the washing machine the next day.

To strengthen this natural stain remover, add lemon juice to the mixture, and scrub the stain as it soaks.

If the ink stain is on your carpet, mix the milk with cornstarch to make a paste and apply to the stain. Allow the paste to dry, and clean out the residue later on.



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