3 Alcoholic Drinks You Should Ensure You Stay Away From When Shopping For A Party

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There are a lot of different alcoholic drinks that have made their way into the market due to our demand for them but not all are good enough to be consumed. It can be especially difficult going to a liquor store and picking the right kind of drink everyone would love at a party.

There are a couple of drinks that are guaranteed to get you the desired response from your guests without sticking to the tried and tested favourites. There are however some alcoholic drinks that you should do your best to stay away from if you’re planning a party and here are three of them.


Malort liquor
The basic description of this alcoholic drink sounds pretty good, especially given the fact that they are a drink of choice for a lot of people. According to professional bartenders however think the drink has a soul-sucking ability that’s is similar to taking absinthe.

Malort however became popular as a result of the unbearable bitter taste it provides and the fact that people that enjoy it also love when other people enjoy the bitter taste the same way they do and also getting to see if they will fall sick in the process.

Malort can be described as a burning drink that drinkers barely savour the taste. Needless to say, it is best you do all you can to stay off this drink at all costs.

Grey Goose

Grey goose vodka
This interesting vodka drink has been touted as one of the best vodkas money can buy and that much can be seen through the price of a bottle of this harsh drink. This is why a lot of people turn to this drink when they intend to impress people but it’s really not worth it.

You will not only be spending a little too much on a bottle of vodka, but choosing Grey Goose would also mean that you’re opting for a drink that has failed taste tests when put up against alcoholic drinks of the same category that are even cheaper than it.

Smirnoff and Titos vodkas happen to taste better, and vodkas that happen to be way cheaper than it happen to taste better. If you’re thinking of buying vodka for that next party, avoid drilling a hole in your pocket with the Grey Goose, as you can get something better for a fraction of the price.


Ever clear liquor
One of the reasons why it is not worth spending your money on Everclear is the fact that there’s a high chance that if you do, you may have some of the worst nights and hangovers after. It has one of the highest alcoholic content of any liquor available and it is an unenviable record that very few drinks can chemically match.

As a matter of fact, the drink is banned in some states in the United States of America, and the catch to it is that you have to be able to prove that you’re not going to drink it before you can buy it. The drink is an excellent cleaning product and is one of the reasons why you probably shouldn’t actually drink it.

More so, the drink is odourless and will likely make you black-out quicker than you expect. It comes in with a very high 285 calories per shot (most other liquors are around 90-96 calories). What this means is it is best you stay off it if you don’t want to land in a hospital.




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