Which Natural Remedies Is Effective Against Cold?

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You have probably have heard or even used a number of natural remedies for your cold but how effective are the most popular ones you know of?

There is no cure for the common cold. Some natural cold treatments may relieve symptoms or slightly shorten the length of your illness, and some healthy habits may reduce your risk of getting a cold at all.

Since a lot of people experiment with natural cold remedies, here are the best ones available to soothe you.

A 2011 analysis of ten studies found probiotics decreased the number of people who had at least one cold. They may however cause bloating at first. While there are different strains of probiotics, those of Lactobacillus seem to be most effective.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C isn’t as effective in treating colds as it falls short of the mark. In a 2013 review of 29 trials, it didn’t reduce colds. Huge doses to ease symptoms had small effects in some but not all studies. No negative effects were found but large doses of vitamin C can cause stomach upset and possibly kidney stones if you’re prone.

A study published in the Annals of Family Medicine has shown that adults who meditated for eight weeks had about one third fewer colds during the wet season when compared to a control group.

a separate study published in the Annals of Family Medicine found that people who began a moderately intense exercise program had 29 percent fewer colds than those in a control group. Mild exercise may relieve symptoms like congestion. It is however advised that you take caution and avoid overexerting yourself while you have symptoms like a cough.

People who got fewer than seven hours of sleep a night were nearly three times more likely to develop symptoms when exposed to a virus than those who got eight or more hours, research found.

While this is worth trying, it hasn’t been entirely proven to be effective. This mineral shortens illness by about a day (it stops the virus from replicating) if you take it within 24 hours of feeling sick. The downside of using Lozenges with zinc is that they may leave a bad taste or cause nausea.



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