Travel Frequently? Here Is How You Can Spot If Your Hotel Room Has Bed Bugs

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If you are a frequent traveller that lodges in different hotel rooms, you will probably have noticed that there are a number of germy spots that may harbour bed bugs in the rooms you lodge.

For starters, don’t even think about touching the hotel hair dryer. As for the electric kettle in your room? You don’t even want to know the kind of gross things that has been in there.

In all of the chaos, you should however not forget about the pesky creatures hiding under tiny crevices in the walls and mattresses. That’s right bed bugs can run rampant in any hotel room, irrespective of the location or the price at which the room comes. Thankfully, pest control experts have created a comprehensive guide to checking your hotel room for bed bugs.

The most obvious place to find bed bugs is the bed and matresses. You should start by searching along the mattress seams, as well as under the mattress. The bed frame’s joints, crevices, and slats could provide an ideal place for bed bugs to hide, too.

Furthermore, bed bugs find cozy nesting places along the seams, inside the covers, and around the zips of sofas and chairs, too, and you should consider checking those places too. Bed bugs can also hang out in rather unlikely places, including cupboards, nightstands, and luggage.

As you conduct the search in your hotel room, keep an eye out for any and everything from shed skin, to blood smears, to small black marks. They may all signal a bed bug infestation. You could also see live bed bugs crawling around.

If you think your room has bed bugs, report it to the hotel staff immediately and request a change of rooms. You should however avoid getting swapped direct beside, above, or below the infested room, as it’s likely that the bed bugs could spread.

You should also advise the hotel to seek professional bed bug treatment or even leave a review online to warn future travellers.



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