Three Tips That Can Help You Remove Even The Most Stubborn Car Stickers

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You may be one of those people that enjoy sticking car bumper stickers to show off on your car but when you get tired of them or decide to change to another thing that catches your fancy you discover how hard it is to remove them.

It can be quite difficult to remove certain bumper stickers and squished bugs without them leaving some type of signs on your car. If you have found yourself in such dilemma, there is no reason to fray as there are a number of remedies for removing stubborn stick-ons using certain things you already have around the house!

While it’s bad enough that your car grille and hood can’t help but get splattered with bugs every time you drive your car on a highway, they shouldn’t be so hard to scrape off.

One quick way to remove them is to spray some WD-40 on the grille and hood before going for a drive and most of the critters will slide right off. The few bugs that are left will be easy to wipe off later without damaging your car’s finish.

Cooking Spray
When you are driving at between 80 to 100 km per hour, there is a likelihood that bugs wi smash into your car, leaving a stick sign. To remove the marks they left, you can give your car grille the a spritz of non-stick cooking spray so you can just wipe away whatever insect debris that comes off.

If you all of a sudden get irritated with a car sticker that you used to feel nostalgic about, you may want to reach out for vinegar. Saturate the top and sides of the sticker with undiluted distilled vinegar and wait 10-15 minutes for the vinegar to soak through.

Proceed to use an expired debit card or any promotional plastic card that isn’t too useful card to scrape it off. Use more full-strength vinegar to get rid of any remaining gluey residue.

Note that you can also employ same technique to detach those cute decals your child or young nieces and nephews used to decorate the back windshield.



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