Three Phone Apps That Will Help Make Your Road trip Fun

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Going on a road trip either with friends or family can be a pretty boring experience if you don’t know the right things to do to make it fun. Whether you’re going to a natural site, a beach or driving through the mountains, a road trip is a good way to see and know your country.

To make your trip fun and safe, be sure to have any one or more of the following three apps on your phone to have an enjoyable time.

Waze has the potential of being the best type of traffic app anyone can have on their phone. It not only maps the best route to your destination, but also guides you around accidents, road construction and tens of other unpredictable things that could seriously slow down your trip.

If you are having a hard time on your trip, the Waze phone app can help to make your journey easier. If you don’t already have the app pre-installed on your phone, you may want to download it before you embark on your next trip.

Gas Buddy
You will most likely be consuming a lot of fuel on your trip and it would make good sense to know the right places to get unadulterated fuel for your car. The Gas Buddy phone app is there to your rescue as it maintains a continuously updated database of gas stations, prices and locations, and seamlessly guides you to the cheapest and closest to your location.

If you don’t already have the Gas Buddy app on your phone, do yourself a favour and download it before you go on that trip. You could save yourself money and the horror of your car going bad from the use of bad fuel.

While this app is only available to iPhone users, the iOnRoad is a useful addition to any road trip safety kit. iOnRoad turns the camera on your iPhone into a collision-warning system.

All you need to do is open the app, place the iPhone in the windshield map and drive. The iOnRoad app uses your iPhone camera to measure the distance between your car and the one in front. If you get too close, the app also issues a series of visual and auditory warnings.



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