The Spots You Hide Your House Keys That Makes You An Easy Target For Robbery

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There is no one that enjoys getting robbed but the simple truth is there are a number of passive things you do every time you step out that may make you an easy target for robbery.

Resilient burglars don’t get deterred with the security measures you have in place, which is why you may want to make sure that you are not hiding your keys in the following spots that makes robbery easy for the burglars.

Leaving a spare key behind
This seems like the most ideal thing to do, if you are one of those who seem to misplace your regular set a lot. Even if you’re good about staying on top of your belongings, a robbery may occur!

If you don’t hide your spare well, then you could be coming home to quite the opposite of a locked door you can’t get into.

If you don’t want to walk into an empty home, there are some places you need to avoid putting that spare key. The first place you should avoid is under the doormat. It’s just too easy, and definitely the first place a thief will look.

Furthermore, under the flower pot near the front door is another terrible place to hide your keys. This is the second likeliest place a burglar will look to. And don’t think that having various flower pots out front will deter them! Someone intent on a robbery will have no issues checking all your flower pots to get your keys.

While some Fake rocks, may seem like a good idea, but do you really think a burglar isn’t going to notice that synthetic looking bulk standing out?

It is even worse if you don’t have any rocks around, and simply place the fake rock in a flower pot! It is best to avoid using fake rocks that are sold for hiding spare keys as it is well known to most burglars.

One thing you should know is that hiding your key anywhere near your front door is a bad idea, including on the trim of the door, on top of the porch light and anywhere else you could hide something small near your front door.

If you have a magnetic key holder, burglars are going to look out for places around your front door for where the holder could stick. This tactic is much like the hide-a-key solution.

Your best bet is to get rid of the need for a key altogether by installing a keyless lock instead.



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