The Mistakes That Are Reducing The Value Of Your Car

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While you may not know it, there are a number of mistakes that you indulge in that are capable of reducing the value of your car. Knowing what these things are can help you get good value whenever you decide to sell your car and get another one.

With new cars costing millions of Naira, it’s important to protect your investment. If you care for your car properly, you can get a great trade-in or sell it for a good price when the time comes for you to change your vehicle. If not, you might be disappointed at the low offers you receive.

Avoid the following car maintenance mistakes, as they are capable of sending the which can send the resale value of your vehicle into a tailspin.

Skipping Regular Maintenance
Regular car maintenance, including frequent oil changes, is the best way to keep your car in top shape. Some buyers will ask to see your service records, and you want them to like what they see. Make sure you get all recommended maintenance done, and document the date and mileage at each service.

Making Car Modifications
Making too many custom modifications could affect the resale value of your car and make it harder for you to sell it when you are ready.

Having A Bad Smelling Car
If your car is more than a few years old, chances are there are a few odd odours floating around the passenger compartment. While you may be used to it, a potential buyer will likely not be. Do yourself, and the potential buyer, a favour by sprucing up your car and removing those unpleasant odours.

Leaving Your Car Dirty
Prospective car buyers definitely don’t want to find sand and food particles under the seat or mystery stains on the dashboard. Failing to keep your car clean is a big mistake not only for your own enjoyment but also for the future value of the vehicle.

Not Paying Attention To Your Car’s Warning Lights
While you may have learned to ignore the check engine light, chances are it will alarm someone interested in buying your car. You may want to schedule a visit to your trusted mechanic before putting your car on the market.

Squeezing Your Car into Tight Parking Spots
Parking too close to the car next to you is an open invitation to having car door dings. Those dings could diminish the beauty of your paint job and ultimately make your car less valuable.

It is advisable to park at the end of the parking lot, even though it might be inconvenient, as your car’s paint finish will thank you for it.

Driving Your Car Too Much
The number of kilometres on the odometer will directly influence the value of the car, so you might want to cut down on unnecessary trips. Try to arrange your trips in such a way that you get all your errands done at once instead of driving around constantly and running up the odometer.



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