The Dirtiest Things And Places That Are Present In Every Hotel Room

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You most likely think the hotel room you lodge in every now and then is the cleanest and most comfortable place you can get but you’d be shocked to know that some things and place there may be dirtier than those in your home.

Paying more Doesn’t Mean Cleaner Rooms
One common misconception is that five-star hotels have fewer micro-organisms. In fact, they can have many more. While you may think that paying more for a hotel would also get you a cleaner room, a number or research has found that it isn’t true.

Room keys
While visiting a hotel. This is one thing you probably touch multiple times a day and never thought twice about. They are hardly ever disinfected, which means that they will have just as many germs on them as money does. Consider wiping all room key cards down.

Some stains from body fluids are not always visible to the naked eye and they just may harbour a variety of viruses and bacteria. They’re commonly found on fabric which is not easy to clean thoroughly.

Bathroom counter and faucet
The bathroom counter and faucets can sometimes be cleaned with the same cloth used to clean the toilet, thereby transferring germs from faecal matter onto the counter and faucets.

This can lead to gastrointestinal infections. There may also be GI and respiratory viruses lingering on surfaces and most of the wash clothes are used from room to room. Some cleaning staff often just rinses the glasses in the bathroom and mini bar with water only. You may want to avoid using them to avoid transferring germs.

Remote Control
One bacteria you will always find on TV remotes from hotel guests is Escherichia coli as a result of not washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Cover your remote with a thin plastic bag to turn the TV off and on and change channels.

In hotel rooms, you can commonly find respiratory viruses lingering on desks for as long as four days. Clean all desks with a sanitizing wipe before you set down your laptop and important papers.

Hotel room phones contain lots of germs such as methicilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus which can be found on phones and remotes which can cause dangerous skin infections.

Phones can also have Escherichia coli and respiratory viruses from people holding the phone near their mouth and face and you can easily contract any of these by using them.

Ice buckets
Hotel ice buckets can contain a host of germs, including norovirus from guests who may use it as a vomit basin. Consider handling them with care when next you come in contact with one.

Organisms that cause sexually transmitted diseases can be found on bedding and pillows that aren’t washed. You may want to be cautious and advice cleaning staff to stop throwing your pillows on the floor while making the bed.

Always call housekeeping for extra clean pillow cases so you can change them yourself every evening.



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