Six Social Media Mistakes That Are Capable Of Damaging Your Relationships

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are good social media platforms for you to connect with friends and colleagues but there is a need for you to not allow your online life negatively impact your real life.

Certain mistakes on social media are capable of damaging your relationships. Identifying and avoiding those mistakes can help you maintain the healthy relationships you cherish.

Ask For Permission Before Posting Pictures
People are extremely particular when it comes to sharing pictures on social media. You wouldn’t want a friend or family member to post a picture of you without your consent, why would you do same to them?

Just ask before you post, most especially when you intend to tag them. Doing this will help you avoid upsetting your friends and family.

Don’t Overshare Information
Social media is public. It’s not a secret space or a diary, so you shouldn’t be sharing private information with the world. There is a need for you and everyone you know to identify what constitutes too much information.

You can accidentally hurt the people you love by oversharing. By posting tweets and Facebook messages that are private between you and your partner that no one else should know should be avoided.

Every relationship is different, so talk to your loved ones before sharing anything you suspect may be too much. Oversharing is one of several habits that destroy trust in relationships.

Don’t Lie
Lying is a big problem generally but doing so in social media puts you in a position to get busted. For instance, don’t tell someone you’re in one place, and then show clearly through your posts that you’re in another. You will get caught.

Stay Away From Social Media When You’re Mad
You should never use social media to bully others, and posting mean comments should be avoided at all cost because it drags your dirty laundry out into the open.

Instead use social media as a tool for positivity. If you’re upset and you have the urge to post something that may be interpreted as mean, put down your phone, computer, or tablet and allow your anger pass before reaching for your devices.

Don’t Post On Impulse
While you may be pumped about some recent happenings in your life, posting a joyous selfie with your guests at the event that had you joyous might not be the best idea because it can hurt the feelings of friends who weren’t invited.

It is important to always be mindful of what you’re posting. Once you go live with a message, it’s out there forever. Before pressing “post,” consider whether your message could have a negative impact on your life or on those of others.

Social Media Contact Is Different From Human Contact
Talking to someone through social media is not the same as talking on the phone or face-to-face or even on the phone. Connecting with someone in-person is a lot more beneficial than only through, Instagram or Twitter.

While you can start a relationship via social media, there definitely comes a time when you’ll want, and even need, physical human contact. In many ways, social media has made our world a better place, but we still need that human touch.



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