Six Simple Maths Trick Everyone Should Know

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Due to a number of technological advancements, we are no longer keen about solving maths problems since we can simply reach for a calculator. There are however some simple tricks that can help you solve maths quicker than you think.

Multiplying by nine
If you don’t have your nines times table memorized, not to worry. To multiply by nine, simply multiply the number by 10 first, then subtract the original number.

For example, if you need to multiply nine by 27, multiply 27 by 10 to find 270. Then, subtract 27 from 270 to find your final answer of 243.

Dividing by 10, 100, or 1,000
To divide a number by 10, all you need to do is move the decimal place one spot to the left of the original number to find your answer. To divide by 100, the same idea applies, except you’ll move the decimal place two spots to the left of the original number.

As for dividing by 1,000, move the decimal place three spots to the left. For example, if you’re dividing 450.94 by 10, you simply move the decimal place one spot to the left to find your final answer of 45.094.

Finding a 20 percent tip
If you went to a fancy restaurant to eat and you enjoyed the meal and excellent services provided by them, you can decide to leave your waiter a 20 percent tip with this easy maths trick.

For example, if your check comes to 850 Naira, divide that by five and your 20 percent tip will be 170 Naira.

Multiplying Numbers with Two digits by 11
Multiplying two-digit numbers by 11 always seems difficult but there is a clever trick to bypass this maths problem. Simply add the two digits together and place the sum in the middle.


For instance, if you’re multiplying 35 by 11, add the three and five together to get eight, and place the eight between those two numbers to find the final answer, which is 385.

To double a large number, multiply each individual number by two and add them together. Mathematical experts suggests starting from the left to make it easier to keep track of the numbers.

For example, to double 177, start with the hundreds place. Double 100 is 200. Double 70 is 140. Double seven is 14. Add them all up (200 plus 140 plus 14) and you get 354.

Multiplying numbers that end in zero
No matter how many zeros makes an equation intimidating, you can solve it by employing a smart trick.

All you need to do is exclude the zeros from the equation, then add them back in afterward. For instance, if you’re multiplying 500 by 300, exclude the zeros and solve for five times three, which is 15.

After, count the total number of zeros that were in the original equation and tack them onto the number you solved for to find your final answer. Since there were four zeros in the original equation, your final answer for this example is 150,000.



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